When do I get paid after sponsoring?

Ans. Complete payment is done at the end of the duration of investment, whereby the amount invested and the Return on investment is paid together into the sponsors bank account provided on our website

How sure am I that I will get my money back after the end of the duration?

Ans. As a company still in it's first growth phase, we uphold integrity above all. And we also have other companies whose integrity is at stake such as our insurance provider company. So be rest assured you money will be paid in full

When can I visit my sponsored Farm ?

Ans. Farm visits can be arranged two weeks after the farm visit request has been placed by the sponsor. This time frame is to allow us prepare and merge you with other sponsors also interested in visiting their sponsored farm units. Please read through the Terms and conditions for Farm visiting

What are the various investment packages Shopagric offers?

Ans. All our investment packages are displayed on our website. Visit our Farms or ShopVest

How do I follow up my sponsorship?

Ans. Updates will be made available and sent via the email used in registering on our website bi-weekly and it would be made available also on the webpage

Can I terminate my sponsorship at any time?

Ans. As the farms and trade cycles are combined sponsorship since a complete farm or trade project may not be funded by one individual. You will be unable to cancel your sponsorship since the project will have commenced, but at the end of the cycle, after being paid, you may decide to sponsor another farm or trade cycle available.

What does my sponsorship covers?

Ans. This depends on the cycle sponsored( either farm or trade), for Farms, it covers;

1) Land Leasing, preparation and maintenance
2) Procurement of materials needed for the cycle
3) Logistics to move harvested farm produce to the market
4) Insurance of the farm.

For Trades;
1) Logistics to move traded commodities
2) Purchase of traded commodities
3) Insurance of trade
4)Marketing of commodities.